Friday, 3 September 2010

Up The Hills!

Yep!...I've been climbing the Malverns in search of a few
pictures. I've made two or three trips over the last few
days mainly around the British Camp area and occasionally
North Hill.

It's been pretty good too, nothing amazing but I did manage
to find my first Spotted Flycatcher's on the hill's the other

Along with the Spotted Flycatcher's were Chiffchaff and
Willow Warbler however they kept themselves well hidden.

Other trips have produced Wheatear, the most I've seen
for a while in fact both in good numbers on North Hill
and British Camp.

My last trip to date was no different really, again Wheatear
although nowhere near as many. The Spotted Flycatchers have
gone but have been replaced with three Common Redstarts. I did
try to get a few shots of the Redstarts but all to no avail, not that
I didn't get any opportunity's but the majority of the time they
were either in poor light or tucked well in the Hawthorns and when
they did venture out in to the open they were too quick, maybe
next time. Along the hills Meadow Pipit could be found in fairly good
numbers too.

The hills also hosts quite a few raptors including Kestrels, Buzzards,
Peregrine and Sparrowhawks. I've managed to see them all at one
time or another through my recent visits but none more so than
the Kestrels.

At times some expectionally close views.
The above and below shots are from another area
where I've had success this year.

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