Saturday, 28 August 2010

Draycote's Wader Bonaza!

Right, almost caught up now. My latest trip was to
Draycote. I hadn't been over for a while and with
the reports of a few waders I thought it was a good
a time as any to pay a visit.

I arrived in the car park around 8 o'clock and met up
with another birder who had just arrived, luckily enough
he'd been over on the previous day and said that the
majority of the waders were along the Hensborough Bank
the day before.

A short walk over to Hensborough bank soon put me
within a stones throw of a good handful of waders
including Ruff, Common Sandpiper LRP, Ringed
Plover, Dunlin and Lapwing.

The Ruff was very spooky, not taking much to put him
up in the air making it extremley difficult to get a
decent shot. The other waders were a little easier, with
a little patience.

I made may way down to the waterside and waited...
and waited. I waited for over two hours in the hope
that they would eventually come to me, it took them
a while but they did come closer.

Juvenile Ringed Plover.

And another!

When there this close you can't help yourself.

To a point where I could almost touch them.

Dunlin followed shortly after, this one making
sure he's not being eyed up for dinner!

Again very close!

The adult Ringed Plover!

Not very common inland... A Turnstone in full
breeding plumage.

Getting closer!
Sometimes too close, I know...don't complain!
What a day!

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