Monday, 19 December 2011

Desert Wheatear

As promised a new post. I haven't much chance to get
up onto the hills in recent weeks so when news broke
of the Desert Wheatear on Titterstone I couldn't wait
to go and have a look.

I made my first visit the day it was first seen but I didn't
get there till late on, in fact it was near dark. Although
it was pretty gloomy I manage to get some pretty
good views but only managed a few record shot's
with the camera it was then I promised myself another

It wasn't until the day before it left that I managed
another visit, it took a little while to locate but eventually
I got some cracking views with the bird only a few
yards away at times.

It remained pretty mobile throughout the time I was
there and feeding extremley well considering the frost
we had. It managed to catch quiet a few earthworms
from the frozen ground, I guess getting ready for the

A few photo's from the day.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Site

Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of posts of late
I've been busy with my new site.

Not that theres alot on there at the moment but
hopefully I'll get a few more images to put up soon.

Hope you like it.

I'll try a get and get a few posts done on here soon
as well.