Saturday, 18 September 2010

One Good Tern!

I had a quick trip over to Grimley New Workings
today straight after a night at work in search of the
two reported Juvenile Black Terns.

They've been there for a couple of days now but I
haven't really had a chance to go over. I got there
for first light this morning in the hope that they'd
still be there.

It didn't take me long to find one of them, they tend
to stick to the same area every year, but that was it.
Only the one could be found. The other one's probably
gone off to find somewhere a little warmer, and who
can blame him. I can feel that nip already!...brrrr!!

It was quite obliging, making several passes in front of
me over the couple of hours I was there, giving me a
chance to get a few shot's.

Apart from the Tern there were serveral Common Snipe
dotted about. At about 09.00 50-60 Canada Geese
decended on the pool, a quick scan through the flock reveled
only a couple of hybrids nothing out the ordinary.

3 Littel Egrets were still around, although quite distant. Quite
a few migrants were also found around the pool including
Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff.

As the day began to warm somewhere in the region of 400-500
House Martins with the odd Swallow in the mix decended on
the pool.

A good few hours birding, well worth the effort.


  1. Very good photos, I managed to video them the other day but only in the distance...

  2. Thanks Steve. This one was quite distance.
    How's that new video camera?...all good I hope!

  3. Great flight shots Carl. I was lucky enough to be there a couple of days back when the second juv Black Tern dropped in. The two birds had a bit of a spat but then settled down for the rest of the day, but I was unable to get any photos of them as at no point did they perch....the limitations of a digiscoper :-(