Monday, 20 September 2010

Lapland Buntings North Hill!

I couldn't believe my luck this morning when I
found 5 Lapland Buntings on North Hill, here in
Malvern. I travelled 4 hours to see these birds
for the first time two weeks ago, now there
here on my doorstep...Typical!
I started out with a walk around Chat Valley
and then worked my way up to the Beacon,
finally finishing off on North Hill. This is
my normal route, that way you can cover
pretty much all areas.
Chat Valley had very little, apart the normal
Green Woodpeckers probing into the hillside.

The walk towards the Beacon held a few
migrants with Willow Warbler and ChiffChaff
being the main one's. The Beacon it self had
very little to offer only Meadow Pipits, mind
you there were at least 30 so plenty to see.
No sign of any Wheatear...I was quite surprised.
North Hill...This area has produced some
cracking birds over time and today was no exception,
I could hardly believe my luck when I popped my
head over the top of the hill and was greeted by
what I thought was a Lapland Bunting, I only
managed a split second view at first but it was
enough to keep me looking.

I explored further, looking through the Meadow
Pipit's but nothing, It wasn't until I started my walk
down the hill that I noticed another one and
another, I'd found 5 birds in total, must be something
of a record.

I spent the next hour trying to get a few photo's
before a walker came over the hill and flushed them.

Here's a few shot's!


  1. Fantastic! Something of a record? I do believe that this is the first confirmed worcs record!

  2. Brilliant!!!
    I nearly went up at seven this morning as I live by tank quarry. Very good photos

  3. Hi Tim, from what I can gather it's the third record for worcestershire but the first multiple record we've had, however it is definalty a first for Malvern.