Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Yep... Another trip over to Draycote this time for
a Curlew Sandpiper. Looking through the news last
week it was pretty evident that Curlew Sandpiper's
were on the move, pictures were everywhere of them
from all corners of the country. When I see that there
were four at Draycote, I couldn't resist the thought of
another trip.

All I had to hope is that they hung on till the weekend.

The weekend arrived quickly and looking through the
news all but one of the Curlew Sandpiper's had gone
from Draycote. A juvenile still remained, so I decided
to shoot over on Sunday. I arrived early in the hope the
bird was still going to be around, luckily enough it was
and again on the Hensborough bank. I quickly spotted the
bird amongst Dunlin and Ringed Plover grubbing about
in the mud. I made my way slowly down to the waterside
trying my best not to spook them but they didn't seemed
to be bothered about me clunking my way down the
Rocks. I got myself into position not easy on rocks I can
tell ya!...especially lying on your belly, tends to stick in
the odd rib.

I got myself settled and waited for them to come to me. I
didn't have to wait long before the waders came along close
enough for me to get a few shots, although the weather was
pants, overcast and quite dark, not the best for photography
but good enough to grab a few record shot's of a very pretty
little wader and it was another first for me.

Continually feeding!

Apart from the Curlew Sandpiper a lone Black Tern feed
out in the middle of the reservoir always at distance. A
quick walk up to Toft Shallows found a Common Sandpiper
but not much else. I sat and scoured the water few minutes
in the hope the Black Tern would put in an appearance but
nothing. It wasn't long before the overcast skies turned to rain
and as it was getting quite heavy I decided call it a day.
I'd managed to get what I come for and was pleased wit my

Draycote delivers again!!

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  1. A great website Carl with some Brilliant images. Keep up the great work mate.