Friday, 25 June 2010

Local Stars!

On my last post I mentioned about
the Whitethroat's that I've being trying
to photograph.

I've never seemed to have much luck
with these little bugger's, they seem to be
really spooky!..I've put a little time in this
year trying my hardest to get a decent shot
and it finally paid off.

Along with the Whitethroat's this year I've
had decent success with the local Stonechat's.

Last but by no means least the biggest of my
local star's and one that I've had great pleasure
in photographing is a Barn Owl!..In fact a pair
that by now probably have young.

Since a recent change in my job I haven't had
time to go and see what there up too but as far as
I know there doing well!

Here's a few shot's from the last few week's!

Regularly seen hunting and coming back with
food sometimes as many as three voles an
hour I've seen.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Red Footed Falcon

I haven't really gone searching for anything
special over the last few week's mainly staying
close to home and concentrating on a few local
birds. I've been trying my hardest to try and
get a few shot's of Whitethroat and to say the
least it's been tricky, anyway I'll let you know
how I get on shortly.

I started scouring through birdguides on
Saturday evening looking to see if there's
anything I can have a go at on Sunday,
when I see two Red Footed Falcons reported at
Wilstone Reservoir in Aylsebury.

For those who don't know I have a love for
raptor's and with 2 Red Footed Falcon's
reported (not too far away) I could hardly
resist a trip. I set off at 04.30am making
certain I was there nice and early, and
didn't want to turn up and it's buggered

I arrived to find two birders already scanning
the reserve and a quick chat soon had me
heading in the right direction, although
they had said that only 1 was remaining
the 1(s) male. Good enough for me!
A short walk and I was soon on it. Here's a
few record shot's!...Best I could manage.
Always at distance, mainly sitting in the
tree below for long period's.
I did manage one flight shot as it passed
overhead, again poor light.

Hawking over the reserve!...Lower on the
water than I thought.

The light was terrible really. I tried my hand at a
few shot's of the common Terns, again best I
could manage. I could hardly believe the amount
on the reserve at least 40.

I decided while I was in the area that I'd pay
a visit too Farmoor, apparently what they get
there are quite approachable.

I think I must have picked a bad day, I walked
around both Reservoir's with very little success,
apart from the normal stuff.

I will say for those of you thinking of giving Farmoor
a go it's a fair way around both Reservoirs. My leg's
certainly knew they'd been around there come
Monday morning.
Here's a few shot's of what I did manage.