Monday, 5 April 2010

South Gloucestershire!

Firstly I tried Ashleworth Ham to see
if I could locate the Great White Egret
that had been reported earlier in the week.

I arrived at 6.30am and scoured the Ham
vigorously for a good hour with no joy. I did
see plenty of other stuff though!... Teal, Canada
Geese and Heron defiantly worth another visit
I think. I will say though for anyone considering
photography at the Ham is that everything is
a fair way off.

Next I made my way to Sharpness Docks
where a Female Black Redstart had now been
for at least three months. I've seen it before but
my last trip was a waste of time really, for
photo's anyway. One of those dark days not
really getting light at all.

It was a different story this time though good
sunshine and an approachable bird makes
good for some nice photo's, well a bit of
chasing around as well.

I sat and watched the Black Redstart hopping
from the Ned West Building onto the floor and
then the trees to finally the roof of the end
house, it seemed to be it's usual route.

There was a point though that I followed it
from garden to garden trying to get a decent
shot, It was one of those times that I didn't really
pay any attention to what I was actually doing
and before I knew it I'd covered about 500yrds
basically going from one end of the street to
the other in hot pursuit....what we do for a

Next it was onto Aust!...

I arrived to find good numbers of Skylark and
Meadow Pipit although not much else, think I
may have been a bit early another week or two

I went onto Northwick Warth where I met
up with Paul Bowerman, after a brief chat with
Paul he showed me a little spot where I could
get a few nice shot's of Turnstone and possibly
a Dunlin.

Cheers Paul!..Until next time.

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