Thursday, 15 April 2010

Worcestershire Hoopoe

I'd already planned a family day out for
kid's last Saturday... A Day in Brean. It
was forecast to be a nice day so I thought
we'd make the most of it.

Before we were about to set off I checked the
local birding news (usually do in the morning
you never know what's gonna turn up) I couldn't
believe it when I see the Hoopoe reported over
at Lower Moor in Pershore, hoping it would stay
(as it was to be a first for me) I planned a
trip over when I got back.

I arrived back about 05.30pm and with the light
fading fast I grabbed my gear and made my way
over to Pershore.

I eventually found the pathway through to
where it had first been reported and began my
search. I wasn't the only one there a few more
birders started to appear after a while and with all
the searching none of us could find it.

Time was pressing on an the light was fading, I
decided to take a quick look in the actual
caravan park as it had been reported in there
quite often.

I walked through to what looked like building
site and stood by the gate, not really sure
whether or not to enter.
Everywhere I looked said Private Property.

I eventually plucked up the courage and
wandered through, I'm glad I did as I found
the Hoopoe quietly probing in the grass.
I took several shots none of which were really
any good however I did manage a few half decent
record shots.

Good end to a nice day!

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