Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Malverns

I'd decided the Easter weekend would be
spent locally, namely the Malvern Hill's.

Ring Ouzel and Wheatear would be the main
target and possibly Redstart, Report's
during the the week included a single
Wheatear and a single Ring Ouzel, hoping
that they stay for the weekend I made
my why up to Britishcamp first thing
Sunday morning.

A quick scout around revealed a few Meadow

I then started to work my way around to
the S/E side of the hill where the Ring Ouzel
had previously been reported. I stopped to
have a quick look and before I could get my
hand on my bins a Ring Ouzel flew by!.. landing
100yrds away, I was just about to reach for
the camera but before I could it was off again
and with a small flap of it's wings into the wind
it made some 250yrds back to where I just
came from....Bugger!!

I made my back to where I see it land to find it
calling in the brambles near the path.
I slowly moved forward and as I did it started
to move further and further up the hill
eventually coming to a stop on the hillside.

I spent a good while after getting the Ring Ouzel
searching around but I couldn't locate the
Wheatear however I did manage a Redstart
and a Mistle thrush.

Not a bad day at all.

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