Monday, 26 April 2010

Venus Pool - The Osprey

The main reason for my visit to Venus
was to see the Osprey and hopefully
get a few photograph's.

I didn't have to wait too long for this
years visitor to drop in, just out the
corner of eye I could see him gliding
towards the pool. As he made his way
over the pool the Gull's and Crow's made
to the air doing their best to try and
warn him off.

Little seemed to bother him as he
continued to scour the water in search of
his next meal.

Shaking with nerves as he drew closer, I
could hardly believe my eye's when he
stopped and hovered in front of me.

Hovering just as if he were a Kestrel
over a meadow, slowly moving towards
the water before Splash!!....He was


He made three visit's in all throughout
the day, giving me enough chances to
get a few decent shot's.

As I watched over the pool out the corner
of my eye I could see a large dark bird
moving from left to right, I instantly
thought the Osprey was trying to come
in low.

I couldn't believe it when I finally realised
it was a Marsh Harrier (quite a rarity
in these parts) It made a few passes
over the reeds before hovering and finally
dropping down. It stayed down for at least
five minutes before flying up and out of

What a day!...

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