Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Bittern and the Grebe

The Salvonian Grebe continued with
it's stay on the Activity Lake at Top Barn
Farm, and with a decent forecast for
Saturday I could hardly resist another
go at it, here's a shot from the

A trip to Upton Warren was next to
try and grab a few shots of a very
showy Bittern.

It had been reported most of the
week from the North Moors pool.
I arrived to find a couple of my
mates grabbing a few photo's as it had
already been showing quite well that

Bob had said "that it seemed to be
showing on the hour" more or less.
We sat and waited as it was about
an hour since it was last seen, sure
enough out from the reeds crept
the bittern.

The bittern continued to show really
well, stalking the reeds in search of it's
next meal. I think it must of caught at
least six good sized roach while I was
there, We assumed it must have been
preparing itself for it's journey onto
it's breeding grounds wherever they
maybe, here's just a small amount
of the shots I managed to get.

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