Monday, 19 April 2010

Venus Pool - The Start

This session was from about two weeks
ago, bit late I know but I just can't seem to
find 5 minutes to write them up lately.

Anyway!.. Venus Pool. A popular wetland
reserve that occassionaly has an attractive
An Osprey!

I first come here at the back end of
last year trying to photograph them.
I'd only just started my photography
then and the shot's I did manage wasn't
the really the best, mainly record shot's.

This year I'd hoped it would be a little
different, having a little knowledge from
last year I opted to try the causeway
between the two pool's. This is where
last years bird seemed to like catching it's

I waited patiently for a couple of hours
but nothing showed up.

Next I moved up to the hides on Venus
just in case it decided to drop in there. I
arrived to find Snipe and Lapwing close by
probing the mud in search of thier breakfast.

As the light wasn't the best I decided to move
down to the new hide.

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