Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rain Stops Play!

My first visit to Norfolk was about to be spoilt by the good
old british weather. I'd hoped for a couple of hours birding
when we arrived on Friday but the strong winds and heay rain
soon put pay to that, We could only hope that the sunny spells
forecast for Saturday came through.
Saturday morning came around and as usual I was up nice and
early along with my dad who was accompanying me on this
visit, we were soon ready and on our way to our first stop

We arrived at Titchwell and within a few minutes of getting
underway the heavens opened, it just started to spit at first
but soon turned fairly heavy (not the best for photography)
we soon made our way to the first hide (Parrinder I think it
was called) mainly for bit of cover, as there wasn't really
much to speak of in view.

The rain only lasted half an hour before it started to ease up
and we decided to make a move up towards the beach.
As we made our way onto the beach we could see that
the tide was just starting to ebb and there were plenty of
birds in view including Oystercatcher's Sanderling, Black Tailed
Godwit's and Turnstone.

I tried made best to get as close as I could to the Birds just so
I could get a few shots, as I did (and was almost ready) the
bloody heavens opened up again..Bloody marvelous. I couldn't
believe my luck.

For the rest of our time at Titchwell it pretty much stayed the
same, rain stopping and starting never really easing off for
any time. I did mange a few shots of Turnstone in between
showers which was nice.

Next we thought we'd try Holkham for the Shorelark that
had been reported.

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