Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rain Stop's Play! - Part 3 - Salthouse

Salthouse proved a little better, Snow Bunting
being the main quarry, although photographing
them was a bit of a task, mainly due to the
amount of people milling around in such a small
area. The average weekend photographer or
holiday maker took chase causing the birds to
take to the air.
The main bird photographers had other plans, they
laid there traps (small amounts of seed stratigically
placed) and sat and waited for them to come.
Eventually most decided to adopt the sit and
wait approach and most came away with a decent
shot or too.

Apart from the Snow Buntings there were Turnstones
and Teal close by which provided us with something
to do while the Snow Buntings weren't playing.

The day virtually at an end we decided to use the
last available bit of light there was at Titchwell as
we were rained of in the morning.

The main reserve was pretty quite to be fair, and
what there was, was a fair way off for photographs.

The beach was better though with Turnstone,
Oystercatcher and Sanderling being the main species,
we settled down and made the most of light.

Here's just a small amount of what I got!

Not a bad day considering the ever changing weather.
Sunday was a complete wash out. The Met predicted
heavy rain and they didn't let us down. I awoke at
06.ooam ready for another go and hoped the Met
were wrong but just for a change they were
right!.. Bloody Marvelous.
That brought the weekend to a close rather quickly,
so in one and a bit days I did get to see and
photograph what I wanted, but it could have been
better, here's hoping for a better week in June...
I've got a week planned.

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