Monday, 15 March 2010

Rain Stops Play! - Part 2 - Holkam

Holkam - A massive exspanse of beach and quite
daunting when you first see it, especially when
your looking for small birds.

My Dad and I made our way through the woods
to the start of the beach, not really sure where to
go first we made our way to the shoreline.

With little effort we soon found Oystercatcher and
Redshank feeding within the channels that the tide
had made, far to spooky though for photographs and
the dreaded weather had started again.

As we made our way accross the beach we spoke to
a couple of birders who quickly pointed us in the
right direction for the Shorelark, It didn't take us
long to find them, about 14 were feeding quite
Photographing them was quite tricky as the rain
didn't let up!

With time pressing on we made our way to the
car, just as we were packing our bit and pieces
away a Barn Owl started to hunt the field next
to us.

The camera was soon back out of the bag!!

Next Salthouse!

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