Thursday, 12 August 2010

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Right!..I'm still trying to catch up with my blog!...This time my trip
to RSPB Bempton Cliff's back at the end of June, organised by my
local RSPB group. For those of you who haven't joined your local
group do it, it's well worth it and you'll learn lot's from some very
experienced people and not just about birds either.

It started off with a four hour coach trip giving us all plenty of time
to chat and catch up. On arrival we had the choice of making our
own way to a later planned boat trip down at Flambrough head
or we could stay at Bempton until 2.15. We decided to at Bempton
as we'd come to try and get a few decent shot's and we didn't really
want to walk the 41/2 miles down to Flambrough head.

We set off from the RSPB center and immediately found Tree
sparrows busily flying around. A short walk down to the cliffs soon
found plenty of Gannet's,Fulmar and Kittiwake amongst others
flying overhead.

We made our way to Barlett Nab and Jubilee Corner finding Gannet's
puffin's, Guillemot's, Fulmar and Kittiwake. All a bit to far off for decent
photograph's though.

After an hour of trying our luck we decided to make our way down
to Staple Newk.

Staple Newk was a mass with seabirds, I don't think I've ever seen so
many in one place, all within camera reach too.

We stayed for as long as we could, leaving us only minutes to get
back for the coach. On our way back we bumped into Richard
Bedford and his partner Amanda Hayes for those of you who don't
know them there both very good bird photographers, check some
of there work out!

We had a brief chat with them before making a mad dash back
to the coach, not mad enough though we'd already missed it!

The understanding was that if you wanted a lift down to the
boat at Flambrough on the coach you were back at 2.15
prompt, not 2.20 like us!...otherwise the driver took it that
you had made your own way down to the boat.

Now what do we do?...Well to cut a long story short a very
kind RSPB volunteer from the center offered us a lift, phew!

The boat trip - A planned boat trip of about an hour taking
us all around the base of the cliff's as well as into some
of the smaller cove's giving us all some extremely close views
of all the sea birds.
Here's just a few shot's from the trip!

A cracking day out, and one I will do again!

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