Friday, 20 August 2010

A Nice "Little" Find!

A short trip to Grimley New Workings produced my
first ever find of a new bird in the area, and it came
in the shape of a Little Gull. Probably one of my most
favourite gull's, especially the juveniles. I think their
first ever plumage is one of the prettiest.

I sat and watched as it flew round and round the
pool, It seemed to have it's route already planned
making the same journey over and over again.
Every so often it passed close enough by for me
to get a few more shots.

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  1. Hi Carl,

    What a great find...and fantastic photos too!

    Oh by the way, Ive added a link to your blog from my blog and I know its a bit cheeky but would you mind adding a link to mine. The address is: