Thursday, 25 August 2011

Red Necked Grebe

News of the Red Necked Grebe up at Gailey was too much to resist.
I've stayed locally over the past few week's with not much about I
thought I'd concentrate my efforts on the Redstarts that have been
so obilging over the past few months.

Saturday morning came and as usual I left nice and early arriving
at Gailey for 6.30am. On arriving I had a quick scan of the lake
with the bins but couldn't locate the bird at first. I slowly made my
way around the lake trying not disturb the fisherman who were still
tucked up tight in their sleeping bags.

I continued to scan the lake but couldn't locate the bird
anywhere, I'd virtually gone full circle before I came accross
it, amazingly feeding some 15 feet off the bank. It noticed me
straight away and before I could rasie the camera it dipped
and the next time I see it, it was about thirty feet away - Boy
can they motor underwater.

I waited in the hope it would return and it did eventually. The
bird seem to have a route mapped out heading down the lake
to the island and back again. Before to long it was close again.
The light wasn't great but I managed a few shot's before it
moved off back down the lake.

I was joined later by Pete and we settled down waiting for
Grebe to reappear. It came close on occassions but the light
had gone, making for me noisey shot's. I've been quite impressed
so far with the 7D but in overcast conditions I've noticed that
you really need to step the ISO down.

That said most of the shot's I got were fairly big crops 70% and
more at times so I'm probably being a little hard on the camera
really. I do try a keep as low as I can when photographying my
birds and today was no different using the bank as much as I
could. Mind you, you do have to hold your nose sometimes - It
can be a little smelly especially lakes.

The only other problem with lying on the bank is bugs and there
were plenty crawling around at Gailey, Including a Wasp that took
a fancy to me, so much so it decided to give me a kiss - Bloody

A few shot's from the trip.

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