Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blacktoft Sands and Far Ings

The plan was a trip to Blacktoft first for the Marsh
Sandpiper and hopefully the Marsh Harrier then onto
Far Ings in the afternoon.

Richard, Ron and Alan picked me up at 5.15am
on Sunday morning and we set off for Blacktoft

On arriving we got ourselves setup and made our
way up the path towards the Singleton Hide.
The Singleton Hide is located at the far right of the
reserve and this is where the Marsh Sand had been
seen. It didn't take us long to locate it although
distant we had some relatively good views at
times as feed along the near bank.

Photographing the Marsh Sandpiper was difficult
though, no matter what way I tried I couldn't get a
sharp shot. Record shot's was going be it...

Apart from the Marsh Sand there were good
numbers of Greenshank, Ruff and Black Tailed
Godwit. The Marsh Harriers remained distant
for most of our stay with the odd one drifting
accross occasionaly.


With a few shot's in the bag we made our way
onto Far Ings. For anyone that's not been there
it can sometimes offer very close views of Marsh
Harrier and this was what we were after.

To cut a long story short the Marsh Harriers
didn't show, at least for the few hours we 
were there. Although no Marsh Harriers
we did get a visit from a Kingfisher.


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