Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No Wheatears

With reports of Wheatear on the Malverns
during last week I thought I'd go a take a
look. I popped up on Thursday and found
a total of six. It was good mixture of adult
and juvenile all looking in good condition
and feeding quite well.

I did try for a few photo's but there was
very little light in the evening. The whole
was more or less in full shade. I thought I'd
leave it till the weekend.

Saturday morning came and I tried again.
I made a good search around the valley but
all to no avail. The only thing I could find
was a flock of Linnet. The Wheatear had
obviously moved on, I thought back to the
previous year and I could remember a
good amount of Wheatear beening around
for most of August. Hopefully this won't be
the only chance I get.

I moved on to where the Redstarts have
been for the past few months breeding not
really expecting to see them, thinking they
may have already moved on, but to my 
surprise they were still a few in the area.
I settled down and waited in my usually
place and like previous times before the 
first bird on the scene was a Robin.

After a few mouthfuls of mealworm the 
Robin disappeared. It was long after the
first Redstart appeared - A female.

She only made a quick visit. She picked
up as much as could in her beak and
retreated quickly to the nearby bushes.
It wasn't long before she returned making
the most of my free offerings.

I stayed for few hours watching and waiting
for more to arrive but none did. They were
around, I could see juvenile males, at least
two in the vicinity and an adult male but
they kept away, obviously got better things
to do or maybe just sick of Mealworm.

Hopefully I might just squeeze another trip
in before they leave for on their long journey.

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