Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Up North!

Just a quick update from my recent
trip to Lincolnshire.

I went for the obvious... The very obliging
Short Eared Owl that I've seen so many pictures
of recently. Unfortunately for me and a few
others the main bird didn't show, probably
something to do with the very cold wind that
was sweeping across the marsh throughout
most of the day. Very little was seen in fact,
apparently someone did manage one bird early
morning flying low over the marsh but that was
it. I hung on till the end catching only glimpses
of two very distant birds.

Although I dipped on the Short Eared Owl I
did manage a shot of one of the two roosting
Long Eared Owl's over at Blacktoft Sands. A first
for me, wild one anyway. I also managed to see
the Rough Legged Buzzard that had been reported
at South Ferriby again it remained distant
throughout my stay so no photo's but again another
first for me.

Not all bad. I did manage to see everthing
maybe next time for the photo's.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Carl! Nice LEO picture!

    I too drove the 3 hours from my home to see the confiding SEO at worlaby only to come away dissapointed with no sightings at all! That day was also cold, grey and windy!

    Its a real shame and really gutting but i suppose that is life!

    Keep posting and photographing, always enjoy seeing your pics!