Monday, 28 February 2011

Kinmel Bay

Kinmel Bay - Rhyl.

This is a place I've had my eye on for a long time and I knew
exactly the shot I was after but could I get it?

Snow Buntings were my target and Kinmel Bay hosts them
most years. I've seen some cracking shots from this location
and I was kind of hoping it would be pretty easy, silly me!

I spent a while trawling the net trying to find out where the
best place was to find them, most described a large tree
trunk on the beach near the Harbour where visitors and locals
feed them with handfuls of loose seed.

After much searching I eventually found the said tree and with
an already stacked larder of seed awaiting the Buntings return.
A quick scan of the beach and I found them all five along with
a handful of Skylark.

That was the easy part next to try and get a shot, not easy!
They were not as approachable as others I've found, although
they didn't exactly fly off but kind of scurried along the rocks
and stones as I drew closer.

My only hope was to wait until they flew to the awaiting dinner

The best I could manage on the day, maybe next year!

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  1. That is the best bird I've seen for a long time, A Snow Bunting, precious.