Monday, 21 March 2011

Down South!

Well we've been north, so why not!
Berry Head and Broadsands were the intended
venues with a possible trip to Exminster
Marshes if I had time on the way back.

My main targets were Cirl Bunting and both
Berry Head and Broadsands were their
strongholds so hopefully it wouldn't be to
hard to find them.

After a quick walk around I soon caught my first
glimpses of these beautiful little birds.

No sooner had I found the one another one appeared
then another before long I had at least seven around
me both male and female.

I spent most of the morning trying to get a few
decent shot's in the harsh light and it was pretty

After plenty of trying I decided enough was enough
and moved onto the coastal path to try my luck there
but it wasn't my day although I did get to see plenty
of birds my photography was going nowhere.

I spent ages with the Fulmars down near the cliff's
trying out my new 7D but I just couldn't get a
decent flight shot no matter how hard I tried, here's
a couple of my shot's.

With time pressing on I decided to move onto to
Exminster Marshes.

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