Wednesday, 20 January 2010


A good forecast for Sunday mean't I could get out and
try for a few shot's, The venue I choose was Draycote,
with a detour to try and find the Great Grey Shrike
reported earlier in the week at Grandborough as well.

I set out nice and early so I could get there for first
light. On arriving I made my way to the spot it had
reported and had a good scout around.
I spent a good half an hour looking around with no
joy, apart from about 300 Linnet's and a Sparrowhawk
that was trying to crash their party causing havoc.

It wasn't long before before I was joined by another
birder also trying to locate the Shrike, He wasn't there
5 minutes before he whislted and said "over there".
I looked up to Telegraph Wire's where he had pointed
and sure enough there it was. A first for me, It looked
much bigger than I expected.

I stayed for the best part of a couple of hour's watching
it and trying to get a few decent shot's. I really didn't
expect what I see as I watched the Shrike going about it's
buisness hovering just like kestrel would before diving on
it's prey. It was great to see but bloody hard to photograph,
here's are a photo, Purely for my records really.

I made my way over to Draycote next to see what I could
get there. I arrived to find a jam packed car park and a
Warden on the gate explaining to everyone "I recommend
you turn around as we have no more room". I could believe
it no way was I turning around without first having a look, My
turn came and he explained the situation to me but saying "you
can try if you like you may get lucky". To cut a long story short
I got lucky, as I went in a car pulled out of a space. I was in there
like a Rat up a drain pipe.
The rest is history as they say..I made my way around the lake
taking photo's of all it's resident's although I didn't quite get
them all. Here's a few shot's of what I did manage to get.

Great Northern Diver!

Little Grebe!




A cracking days birding and a few nice photo's
too boot!

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