Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Eymore Wood

Ok here we go again. This time a trip to
Eymore wood was planned to try and catch
a glimpse of the reported Crossbills.
Reports of Crossbill's have been pretty high
over this last week,sometimes as many as 60.

I set off early to stand a good chance of seeing
them, as I made my way down the slippery road
towards the wood I spotted a pair of eye's
looking at me it was a Tawny Owl.

A good start to the day. I think I've probably only
seen one other in the two years I've been
birding, mostly heard.

Once it got light I had a good scan of the larches
that they had been reported in but no sign I probably
had a good hour scouring the branches but
nothing, well a few Coal tits.

I decided to take a trip through the woods
down onto Trimpley Reservior to see what I
could find there, on the lower pool I found 10 LBG's
and probably something like 50 BHG's sitting
on the ice but that was about it apart from a
few mallards anyway.

I then took a trip up to the main reservior
to see what was on there, as I made my way
around the pathway I spotted a Peregrine feeding
on the tower with something in it's claws
(not sure what it was bit to far really seemed
like he was enjoying though) again to far for a shot.

Apart from the mentioned Peregrine there was
little else to speak of really apart from the
common stuff.

I made my way back to the top car park of the
wood to have another good search, on my way
back I went round the opposite way on the small
lake to see if I'd missed anything first time round.

I'm glad I did. I found about 20 Siskins amongst
5-6 Goldfinches a Nuthatch in the woods
Great spotted woodpecker a pair of Bullfinches, all
to far for photo's though or in the wrong light..

I eventually got back to the top car park and settled
down to search again for the elusive Crossbill's. I
didn't have to wait long before I had my first brief
glimpse's of them (probably about 5-6) Great! at last.

It makes it so much better if you get what you come
to see, I managed one photo and that wasn't the best
really, still at least I got one.
I spoke to few other birders that told me there were few
Goosander along the river and possibly Mandarin.

I took a walk along the river and found the Goosander
and the Mandarin although the later was right over
on the far bank and pretty impossible to get a
decent shot (maybe next time)

I continued to walk back a forth through the
Woods and around the reservior never really seeing
anything like the reported amount of Crossbill's.
I did manage a nice shot of a patient Kingfisher

which rounded the day off nicely.

I thought I'd also mention that I spotted some 43
different species through'out the day, which I thought
was pretty impressive.
The list included Buzzard, Peregrine, Kestral,Tawny Owl,
Mandarin, Goosander, Crossbill's,Siskins and Goldfinches
to name but a few.


  1. Love the Goosander pictures, i really wanna see these birds and get decent pics of them but just cant seem to find any down my way. Would even consider popping up your way just to see them! lol! Great photos!

  2. Cheers Ben,

    Now's the time. There seems to be an influx of them up here on the rivers at the moment. If you need pointing in the right direction let me know.
    They were really difficult to get close too mind, very wary birds.

  3. Thanks Carl,

    I managed to find a group of them closer to home today but the dull day combined with their overall nervous behaviour didn't allow many photo opportunities, what i did get isn't brilliant. Ah well, will leave it until the sun is back out and the snow is gone!