Sunday, 10 January 2010

Upton Warren NR

Well, I braved the elements today in the hope
of a few photo's. My choice was Upton Warren
NR as it's been a little while since I last visited.

I arrived at first light as I always do (best time
I think) In the hope of a glimpse of the now resident
Bitterns, I settled myself down in the Hobby hide
on North Moor's pool where there regularly
spotted. I watched patiently for a good two hours
but nothing showed, well apart from a Water rail
and a Fox both making good use of the Ice.

I made a move over to the Moor's pool as I thought
I stood a chance there, I thought at least the feeding
station would keep me busy while I waited, with the
cold weather still hanging on the feeders remained busy
all day.

In the few hours I was there I'd spotted male and female
Bullfinches, male and female reed bunting's along with
Long tailed tit's, Great tit's, Blue tit's,Dunnock and a Great
Spotted Woodpecker that was after the Fat.

On the floor beneath the feeders were probably even
more busy with Coot, Moorhen,Mallard and at least three
Water rail all taking advantage of the spillage's.

Through most of the day we were aware of a few raptor's
hanging around, while watching the feeders a male Sparrowhawk
made a pass but was unsuccessful, A buzzard soared overhead
and a Raven went over but the one that got us going was a female
Sparrowhawk that dropped in, in front of us giving me a perfect
opportunity for a few decent photo's.

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