Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Malverns!

I thought I'd stay local this week after a disappointing
350 mile round trip last week. I tried for the Salvonian
Grebe up at Waters Edge but it had gone by the time
I'd got there.

This week I thought I'd give the Malvern Hills a go. I've
seen a few Wheatear and Redstart on recent trips up
there through the week mostly around British Camp.

The Wheatear didn't disappoint, there was at least 3
or 4 in Wheatear Valley.

The Redstarts proved a little more difficult, well to
photograph anyway. A fair few Redstart could be heard
but they were far too busy singing and fighting off
other Redstarts from there territories to even notice I
was there.

I did manage one shot, a bird that was kinda forced into
my path by another Male Redstart. Luckily enough for
me it landed on the perch that I was hoping it would
land on. I set myself up on this perch as I knew from
past experience it was one they used a fair bit.

I sat for 4 hours waiting for another bird to turn up but
nothing so I called it a day. Later on in the day I popped
over to Castlemorton but didn't see that much, mainly
ChiffChaffs and Linnet as usual really, although I did
hear a Cuckoo and Grasshopper Warbler but no views
hopefully I get those in the coming weeks.

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