Thursday, 7 April 2011

Black Necked Grebes

Cheshire was my destination for the Black Necked
Grebe's Houghton Green Flash to be exact.

Houghton Green Flash is located right by the side
of the M6, not the most attractive place in the
world probably better described as a bowl in the
ground but it was what it had to offer that I was
interested in.

The flash host's these birds year in year out, now
I've never seen one of these birds before so you'll
understand my surprise and excitement when I see

Two of the birds spent the best part of their day out
in the middle of the lake. The other two birds were
located in a small bay fishing, these birds would
occasionally come pretty close to the margins
giving me an opportunity to get to get a few shots. 

Here's a couple from the day.

Worth the trip!

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