Monday, 6 December 2010


Yep...I got a few in the end, and Ledbury was the
place, not too far to go.

I've seen loads around on the net the last few weeks
but until this weekend I've not had the chance to
get to see any.

I could only manage Saturday morning, and only then
a couple of hour's. I'd promised to do a little christmas
shopping in the afternoon and I had my works do on
night so it didn't leave me long.

Saturday morning's weather was crap to be fair, misty
and hardly any light not the best for photography but
it was my only oporuntnity and sometimes you have
to take what you get.

The Waxwings didn't take long to turn up, at least twenty
were present so well worth the visit, here's a few shot's
from the morning, pretty pleased with what I got really
considering the weather.


  1. Stunning photos Carl....glad you finally caught up with some

  2. All Exellent, looks bright and sunny...