Thursday, 18 November 2010

Last light!

Last weekend saw me heading for the hill's again.
I've been hoping for a Snow bunting or something
like that but as yet... nothing!
My search started as it normal does with a visit
to British Camp and around Wheatear Valley.
Wheatear Valley has produced some cracking birds
for me this year but today it was pretty quiet. The
normal Raven's soared above me as I walked the
pathway while Meadow Pipit feed amongst the grass.
I searched the rest of the area with very little success, I
did manged to find a few Redwing but as usual they
kept there distance, next I moved onto the Beacon
and North Hill.

The Beacon was void of anything, I think I probably got
there to late in the day, loads of people milling around
very little to be seen, North Hill was no different either
a few fly over Redwing and that was about it.

With the end of the day fast approaching I decided to
move off the hills and down onto the common below to
try my luck there, within minutes I found a pair of
Stonechat and as per usually I had no luck getting
close to the male, I'm not sure what it is... but he has
none of it, no matter how hard I try, one day I'll grab shot!

Today though, I could only grab a shot of the female
which I didn't mind in the slightest as I got my shot in the
most beautiful light, just as the sun was going down, when
you get that golden glow!

And that was all I could muster, hopefully this week
will prove better.

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