Friday, 25 June 2010

Local Stars!

On my last post I mentioned about
the Whitethroat's that I've being trying
to photograph.

I've never seemed to have much luck
with these little bugger's, they seem to be
really spooky!..I've put a little time in this
year trying my hardest to get a decent shot
and it finally paid off.

Along with the Whitethroat's this year I've
had decent success with the local Stonechat's.

Last but by no means least the biggest of my
local star's and one that I've had great pleasure
in photographing is a Barn Owl!..In fact a pair
that by now probably have young.

Since a recent change in my job I haven't had
time to go and see what there up too but as far as
I know there doing well!

Here's a few shot's from the last few week's!

Regularly seen hunting and coming back with
food sometimes as many as three voles an
hour I've seen.

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