Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No Time!

Well, I'm finally back on the internet, after a week without
having it, you don't realise how much you use until it's gone.
I've been busy moving house over this last week, hopefully
I'll be able to get out soon and start posting again, were just
starting to get straight now.

Report's look pretty good on the hill's with Redwing and
Fieldfare in good numbers around Happy Valley. A few Ring
Ouzel around too, I managed to find a single one a couple of
week's on British Camp but It didn't hang around for long.

As I say I've not really had a chance to go out recently, my last
trip was on the Malverns, visiting North Hill and The Beacon.
North Hill didn't really produce much, although there was a
single bird on the summit that had me wandering, I think it's
a young Skylark but I wasn't sure. Let me know what you
think, the picture isn't very good I'm afriad but I'm sure
someone will be able to tell.

The Beacon had the usually Meadow Pipit's around the summit.
There was a single Wheatear, which was very confiding allowing
me to grab a few decent photo's...

Hopefully all being well, and If I can shake this darn cold I've had
for the last week, I'll be able to get out this weekend, I'll let you
know how I get on.

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