Thursday, 24 December 2009

Worcester Cathedral's Black Redstart

I decided to go and have a look for the
Black Redstart yesterday that was reported
on Worcester's Cathedral.

It was going to be a quick visit as I
had my children with me, but I hoped
I'd be lucky.

I started where it was first reported
on the south side of the building,
a good search around I couldn't see it

I decided to take a look in the gardens further

down but no joy there either, with time pressing
on I decided to walk along the river and
see if I could see it on the west side maybe
along the walls but nothing.

I'd pretty much looked everywhere I could, but

before I made a move I thought I'd take a look up
at St Andrews Spire, Where the Peregrines reared
their young this year. To my surprise there
was one on there (feeding as well) Great!

I took a walk down to get closer views and this
is what I got.

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